Got Water?

Then you probably need US. We are the most complete source of products for the enhancement and management of your lake or pond. We have the best selection of high quality, environmentally friendly Tools and Equipment for aquatic weed control, Water Features and Pond Supplies that you will find anywhere. We also carry a full line of easy-to-use, EPA approved Algaecides and Herbicides that will keep green algae and nuisance aquatic plants like cattail, hydrilla, duckweed, milfoil and lily pads in check.

To improve your water quality, we offer Aeration Systems, Circulators, The Lake Life Pump and Floating Islands. We also have Floating Docks to increase your accessibility to the water and beautiful Floating Fountains, in an array of stunning patterns and sizes, to improve the aesthetics of any lake or pond. And, to make sure that everyone has plenty of fish to catch, we carry several types of Fish Habitat structures and the most dependable Fish Feeder on the market.

No matter what you use the water for, we have everything you’ll need to improve and maintain the beauty of the lake or pond that you, your friends and family enjoy so much.